SHARP EAGLE ZQ-LA-02 5mw 18650 IPX-6 Green+Red Laser Pointer

SHARP EAGLE ZQ-LA-02 5mw 18650 IPX-6 Green+Red Laser Pointer

SHARP EAGLE ZQ-LA-02 5mw 18650 IPX-6 Green+Red Laser Pointer

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 Product name: SHARP EAGLE ZQ-LA-02 IPX-6 18650 Flashlight
Model: ZQ-LA-02
Color BIN: Green and Red
Total Emitters: 1
Battery Configurations: 1 x 18650 Battery(not included)
Output Power: 5mW
waterproof: IPX-6
Color Black
Weight: 150g
Size: 175mm(L)X24mm(W)X24mm(H)

1. Using a 18650 lithium battery, the real challenge boost limit;
2. Using 5V boost driver circuit, the conversion efficiency of 95%, 12 circuit after childhood life 5V 3A streaking test, the real low-power, high efficiency;
3. Using Pro E / CINEMA 4D 3D design and other top-aided design software, reference design fashion industry, regardless of any occasion, show your taste and dignity;
4. The modules using imported laser tube, mechanical components used in all CNC lathes from finishing, exterior styling with advanced computer gongs milling machine;
5. The use of simple external rotate the focus, accuracy is very high, and will not appear focusing loose parts;
6. Surface with Army regulations three hard oxygen black, silver;
7. The front left external ports, written with the stars
8. Strong power, instant point matches, up to several kilometers long shots, straight into   the sky bottomless. Super straight shot and applies to the sales department sales pen, stylus coach, outdoor stylus, climbing partner anti become separated so on. LEDs can also be used to shoot birds effect.

1. To use a laser beam at people or animals are not allowed irradiated eyes! In severe cases of blindness!
2. Continuous laser light time is not recommended continuous light for too long, because overheating could therefore affect the life of the laser heat.
3. When not in use, remove the battery, put the child is not easy to get a place!
4. If found laser beam brightness severely reduces please note to the battery charge or replace the battery in time!    
5. Battery Location: Negative down installation on the positive. Avoid burning laser battery in the wrong place.

Package inlcuded:
1 X SHARP EAGLE ZQ-LA-02 IPX-6 18650 laser
1 X Stars head
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