LT-0885 532nm Burning Green Laser Pointer Suit With Glasses

LT-0885 532nm Burning Green Laser Pointer Suit With Glasses

LT-0885 532nm Burning Green Laser Pointer Suit With Glasses

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Product name:  LT-0885 532nm 5mw Green Light Laser Pointer
Body material:  Hard aluminum
Power supply : 2 x 16340(included)
Switch: Click
Switch Location: tail of laser
Wave length: 532nm
Laser range: 5000~10000m(the greater the power, the more long-range)
Start time: <3 seconds
Working voltage: DC3.0V-3.7V
Spot size: 6M place <φ6mm.
Working Temperature: 15℃-35℃
Power: 1-200mw
Color: Black
Weight: 105g(Net weight)
Dimensions: 16x2.5x2.5cm

1 The laser flashlight unscrew the back cover.
2 The two 16340 battery positive outward (switch at) placement, negative towards the (verbal portion of the light) then unscrew the back cover is good.
3 For a long time when not in use, remove the batteries.

Novel design / fashion high-grade
Can ignite matches / lighter / cutting / burning capacity: Point firecrackers, burst balloons, burning plastic bags

Teacher / lecturer ── for classroom teaching, it is like a pointer infinite, so you at any corner of the classroom can easily refer to the planning board, is absolutely teachers capable assistant!
Business person / Conference Speaker ── for product demonstrations and meetings to explain, let your speech becomes capability, and communication between customers more relaxed and natural.
Museum / Exhibition / tour guide ── When you are in the face of "tentacle difficult and" not know what the objectives of the beam, it can help you easily and accurately target is indicated.
Field travelers / explorers ── for outdoor adventure, indicating distant targets and issued a distress signal. Make your trip more fun interesting is the preferred equipment for outdoor activities.
Astronomy enthusiasts ── for astronomy refers to the star, green laser beam emitted is a very beautiful green line. Well suited for observing the night sky, can accurately indicate the position of the stars

Package included:
1 x LT-0885 532nm 5mw Green Light Laser Pointer
2 x 16340 batteries
1 x Battery Charger
1 x Glasses
1 x Stand
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